Great Mexican Fare In Denver

The Mile High City has much to offer those who are visiting or who are contemplating making Denver their home. It has incredible wide open spaces and clean air – and the many outdoor activities make it the perfect destination for those who want to experience nature in its unspoiled state. The mountains that surround Denver offer a huge number of opportunities for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Denver has also built a reputation for friendly locals. Beer lovers will be delighted at the sheer number of micro breweries that offer some of the best beers in the United Sates. The city has also built an enviable reputation as a dining and culinary hot spot.

Among the best known cuisines that have put Denver of that culinary map is Mexican food. No Visit to the city would be complete without taking a seat at one of the great Mexican eateries that are part of the Denver experience.

Here are some great dining destinations that offer an authentic Mexican experience in Denver.

1. D’Corazon.

The draw card here are the bean dip and the chile con queso, both of which take Tex Mex to an entirely new level. A relaxed atmosphere, great service and some of the best Margaritas in town make any visit even more of a pleasure. Also try the Fajitas. The Mole Poblano is also worthy of attention.

2. El Original Tacos Jalisco.

This is where to go if the Nacho craving comes on strong. Although by no means an authentic Mexican dish Nachos remain a firm favorite with those seeking a cult classic. This venue serves the classic and also some versions that take Nachos and transform them into some of the most delicious Tex Mex style comfort food you will ever encounter. There are also some other great choices such as the pork centric green chili plate and the classic Huevos Rancheros.

3. The Kachina Southwestern Grill.

You might not be immediately transported back to the days of cowherds riding on the open plain – but the food at this venue certainly gives one the feeling that a cowpoke would not find the food on offer unrewarding. Standing out from the crowd is the Chili con carne, however there is plenty more to choose from – and some is decidedly not rough and ready – but rather an exploration of subtle flavors and exquisite presentation. To start, crispy quail legs and the attraction of dishes such as the smoked bison meatloaf as an entree lure the taste buds towards rewarding territory.

Denver has a lot to offer – and the dining scene is alive and thriving. Take the time to book your seat at one of the great Mexican style restaurants and experience something truly special.